Performance in girls with SCP

Ts> Td, Ts ~ Td, Td> Ts – respectively, the SCP is larger in the left hemisphere compared to the right, approximately equal to or higher in the right hemisphere compared to the left. On the ordinate axis, the average performance (grades) of students in the three groups shows that among girls with a SPS predominance in the left temporal region, their performance in Russian, natural history, and labor education was significantly higher than in the group of children with no hemispheric differences SCP.

According to the number of mistakes that children made when performing a visual-motor coordination test, differences were also found in the three groups mentioned above.

The number of errors when performing a test for visual-motor coordination in girls with different hemispheric characteristics of SCP.

The ordinate axis is the number of errors. The upper and lower boundaries of the rectangles correspond to the maximum and minimum number of errors that the children in each of the three groups made. The remaining designations are the same, which shows that the greatest number of errors in the visual-motor coordination test was found in the group with the absence of inter-hemispheric differences of SCP. Since the performance in this group was also the worst, it can be assumed that these girls did not have sufficiently formed special activities in the hemispheres.

The lateralization factor of the hemispheres has a strong effect on visual memory. On presents the average memory scores in the three groups. In this case, the Fisher criterion and the level of its significance indicate a strong connection between the hemispheric potential difference and visual memory. Differences between all three groups are statistically significant ( p <0.05).

Visual memory in three groups of girls with different hemispheric characteristics of SCP.

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