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Zoloft Side effects

They have any means. Even a vitamin. But the one who agrees to eat antibiotics in handfuls is worried about the intended effect on the liver ... But it has been stated that Zoloft is “utilized” in the liver. That is, if the liver fails (there is already hepatitis or something else, before appointments!) - it will deteriorate worse and its concentration will increase. As it is necessary to consider the attending physician.
The liver of any man of the day utilizes a lot of different very toxic substances, this is her usual work. Zoloft healthy liver swallow without choking.


It affects, though not through hormones. Activates, by the way. Because with depression - sexuality is suppressed and if it manifests itself - it manifests itself painfully. Not giving those pleasures as normal. But while Zoloft has not turned on yet - the restoration is not complete! Or the desire is already there, and the realization, the ability to experience joy — is not yet there — and there is a cry. "Zoloft killed sexy!".

In fact - he is trying to save her. The one who pulled the knife out of the wounded man’s chest is not necessarily the killer.

We'll do it ourselves

In this case, Zoloft and other means are seen as a concession to the weakness of the spirit, and it is easier to get along with habitual alcohol and smoking. But - even with long-term use, Zoloft is less harmful than adequate (“muffling”) doses of alcohol. Including for the liver. And he - heals, and not "helps to endure."

Weaklings! When you do not want to live, it does not necessarily mean you do not want to die. If I started taking antidepressants at that time - oh-her!

True, I changed the city, work, dispersed friends. She lived on a side job. She ate tobacco on the day (a lot, once she caught an overdose, smoked a pipe, about 8 pieces per night, somehow she stitched the bill and opa), bread, rice and green tea. Beer Sometimes canned fish. Everything.

And on your own, it’s better to just slazit on the rampage: go to the mountains, go with a stop with a stranger, and so on.

Here you can see the manifestation of depression - dispersed friends .. Is this the right choice? Discarding Zoloft and friends is a manifestation of the disease, not a cure. The girl did not see this.

So - when a new wave of depression comes - it will repeat the old mistake. Maybe see my post and reconsider the views, of course.

Zoloft and its effect

In quite rare cases (in my patients one of a few dozen people, perhaps), the libido really decreases. By the way - in other cases it rises, I remind you!

But! It decreases "on Zoloft" precisely temporarily, for the duration of the course of treatment! To put it bluntly - when a fisherman or a hunter gets out of a real swamp, he also gets a guarantee, hm, a decrease in libido. That is - thoughts of a different, completely different! And no one is offended!

Everyone understands - first A, then B. First you get out of the swamp, and then enjoy the saved life and comfort. So here.

Yes, getting out of depression can take a month, and two, and three, and more. Anything can happen. And the severity of depression is different, and people are all different, right?

Yes, you can try to search if it is already violated - a replacement for the drug, but most people - should not be worried, there will not be a negative impact on the libido.

Zoloft Indications for use

And actually why this drug is prescribed?

Depression is a rather painful condition. At which the taste of food, sex and other life pleasures is largely lost.

And so, sometimes the following happens. Blocked or covered with gray fog - all life joy, except for one! For example - a depressed person only finds his satisfaction in food ... Or - in sex, in this very libido. Thus, by the way - really helping yourself with the antidepressive effect of sexual contacts, in any of their forms.

They began to heal - and suddenly this joy of being lost or diminished! Really unpleasant.

However, I remind you - it happens infrequently, the effect of a decline is temporary, and there are alternative methods. From another drug (with a different mechanism of action) to drug-free methods.

Use other drugs

Another drug may have more side effects than the described Zoloft, but does not affect the libido! Here it is necessary to choose. I personally chose Zoloft, along with a couple of others, for optimal harmlessness.

Zoloft Sex and Depression

All this concerns cases where the question is asked non-sexological patients. That is, the main disease in them is depression, in one form or another.

However, there are many cases where the problem / feature is sexological, and it is associated with depression or even is caused by depression.

In these cases, I also prescribe an antidepressant, picking it up according to the usual rules. And just here, in this case - an antidepressant, Zoloft or another - takes place in full force! That is, it restores the libido, helps the neurotic to find themselves, homosexual or transgender, pedophile or fetishist.

In this case, of course, there are no clear-cut schemes - like "like this, with pedophilia - 100mg of this miracle remedy!" A medicine or medicine-free course is chosen strictly individually, always!

However, in this case, the drug reliably normalizes the libido. Or painfully reduced with neurasthenia and neurotic depression, or painfully increased + distorted with other conditions.

Zoloft and prolongation of sexual intercourse

What is Zoloft really affecting sexuality - it is in the prolongation of sexual intercourse. It is not always possible to recommend it as a "means for extension", but very rarely swear on this effect. Sometimes, however, there is also a "retrograde ejaculation", I emphasize - this is a dose-dependent reversible state, which is important only when it comes to the decision to "urgently get pregnant." That is, usually - absolutely irrelevant.

Zodoft Mind Inadequate

And in depre - yes, well, the psyche is unstable and I'm sorry - inadequate. I repeat - here it is impossible to build any conclusions. They will obviously be wrong. Even if they seem 100% proven and very logical. I met a woman who 100% proved that she was the one to blame at the beginning of World War II, and that she was the one who was responsible for the death of those 27 million .. Everything was very logical, for a deep depression, of course.

Just living in depression, in principle, is possible, but people live, millions of people. Smolder but do not feel the taste of life, but live, do something ... Although of course, even in this case it would be better to defeat the depra and live without it. But to draw conclusions in a state of depression - it definitely does not roll. They will simply be distorted.


Depression is most clearly reflected in artists, poets, musicians ... A worker on a conveyor belt, a janitor or a workshop master, a programmer at last — they simply work without a spark, and rest with plenty of vodka. Especially do not understand what they have in mind. And the musicians - immediately heard .. that they play, roughly speaking. What do they draw, sing, compose .. They have everything open, even what seems to be hidden ..

Such a musician, poet-artist periodically gets into one state, then another. And his paintings and songs are joyous, some of them are rushing energy, and maybe even ... too bravura, then a solid funeral and a dull, hopelessly longing for pictures and songs ..

And what is interesting - he is convinced every time - his vision is correct, there is no vision of the joys of the world in anguish .. Although objectively they are. Let me explain - I describe bipolar disorder, when euphoria and depression alternate, Heaven and Hell according to Levi. Well, when a person is talented. Then those and other paintings will be works of art.,

But it’s bad if this person becomes also a philosopher ... or a politician, God forbid .. He is trying to summarize the nastiness of the world for all people, or vice versa - to march towards communism, which is already around the corner .. And he convincingly says, infection! He may well convince the masses that it is to communism that they go in sandals and with a bottle of vodka, or that the whole world is against us, but we will show them where the crayfish spend the winter, here it is the cherished button ..

And this person will never allow to treat him. If you try to convince you of hmm, abnormality, they will declare a doctor or doctors in a conspiracy or something else, and will continue their persistent movement towards a clearly visible goal .. In this case, these are not green crocodiles, of course. Depression does not give glitches .. It just paints the world in light pink, or in a gray-brown color .. but it often sharpens the susceptibility to inconsistencies.

Enemies are all who convince him that while communism is a fiction, a distant fantasy, or that the world is not against us, that there are not enemies abroad, but normal people ... and most of them, by the way.

By the way. it is interesting that having obtained power, such people for others leave psychiatry as “leading the masses under the leader’s vision” .. And again, he sincerely believes that those who disagree are absolutely right and the truth are psychos .. The option is dissenters are not psycho criminals who need to be burned in order to avoid the spread of infection.

In practice, by the way, doctors, priests, teachers (not all, but many, especially young ones) carry out a similar social order. They themselves agree with the "general line of the party" and lead to the same flock, and those who disagree with the rebels are stigmatized and punished. But we are not about politics, sorry.

Distortion of the picture of the world

Which excludes the right conclusions. But after all, he is torn to make these conclusions, and to brand himself in every way - both himself and those who are guilty of this seeming world order ..

Depression itself is not an enemy, but rather a friend. A person often even wants to keep sad, tearing soul notes, does not want to part with them .. especially since there is a reason for obtaining benefits. For someone, to fill in melancholy with vodka, for someone - with a sense of trampled justice, to recoup on households who are "overlooked and guilty" .. Grim joy - that’s what besides other things keeps in the depre stronger than chains ..

Depression delays

That is, the state of habitual depression is not just a habitual, but a refuge, in fact, where it is quite on the level and knows what's what .. It delays.

And at the same time, only this person himself (albeit getting out for a short time in real life) can decide to get out of the state of depression itself, finally, defeat the depression! It's not even pills, although they can help. The point is to evaluate depression as an enemy, and not just a source of incomprehensible unpleasant feelings. For this enemy you need to know in person.

Choice of methods

But the choice of methods is still determined by the specialist, as it is not unpleasant for many people who have the conviction that they know exactly how to cope with the accursed accusatory depraction!

I'm a little more flexible. I prefer to be guided by the criterion of efficiency, as in my other actions. There is an effect from the method - great. The effect should of course be objective, and not ... another mask "for the doctor"! There is no effect - well, to another, maybe not so effective and popular - but more reliable method.

Let self-treatment of depression, or "popular methods" will be only one of, but not the only option!

Experiments allowed

Here I will note that I relate in general to treatment. We take prostatitis. At the forum, you can see that I do not mind experiments, and take note of successful experiments for yourself, of course.

But - if there is no effect - I suggest, although I do not insist - what more should be reliable. There is no hurry, but there is no need to pull excessively either.

Obsession or depression

Is there something similar to the first question with emotional flooding in the questionnaire? Yes there is. What is the difference? A barrel of honey with a spoonful of shit is different from a barrel of shit?

In general is different. But if you wait and let ... ferment - the difference becomes negligible. That is, long, cultivated obsessions - seize the person and it makes no sense to argue, whose problem is steeper and heavier. Especially when plus to obsession there is a small, household such depra.

In the case of a particular person to whom I answer - it alternates with a heightened mood, euphoria. He has obsessions and a spoonful of depression. And one another strengthens it so much .. and “loosens” - that the result is in many ways similar to even the most severe “psychiatric condition” described in the example.

Treatment difference

The difference with “clean” depro is huge. In the treatment, in particular. That is why I have prescribed him not an antidepressant. Depression in his performance - only colors obsessions, makes them "huge and all-powerful", creates a feeling of hopelessness and hopelessness. Therefore, it makes sense to fight it. And to win, of course.

But the main part in the development of the state of inadequacy is an obsessive discussion of an overvalued idea, both with people (on the forum or verbally) and inside, in internal conversations. And then it does not matter - whether depra now or euphoria!

If depression - the state of affairs seems terrible, incurable, and all hopes that will be better - illusory ..

If euphoria - then obsession also becomes violent, fast, "rattling." Brains work tirelessly, like a virus affected by endless program execution of supervalue.

And no matter what kind of idea, by the way, you can uphold the rights of the tenant (having forgotten about the original goal of living happily in this quarter, while the housing department bastards recounted an extra hundred, we will prove it, we will get to Putin!) UN complaints that I, the Tsar, are not allowed into the ancestral chambers ...

Depression and Euphoria

When these states (depra and euphoria) change places, and one gradually or abruptly turns into another - the essence - does not change. That is, discouragement about the impregnability of the housing department and disbelief in one's own strength, the impossibility of proving "the triumph of justice" is replaced by vigorous activity on evidence and "breaking through the complaints above." The person is keen, and is keen almost, on the verge of lack of control on the part of the person.

"Seeming control" is available! In other words, diving out of depression into euphoria is perceived as a victory, as “I am about the goal!”, And by doing so they put off real control, trying it. It is as if he is not needed - after all, yesterday, I emerged and today can be uprised, there will be strength and I will definitely prove this to *** of the Housing Department \ Government \ Mom that they are wrong !!

Psychological swing

Let me remind you - if a person is influenced, two (and more) multidirectional forces act - he rarely comes into balance. More often he begins to sway! Here and there, here and there.

Then the hope of receiving the love of parents becomes stronger, and the swing flies to the pole of Hope. Flying up - the girl feels that she still does not smell parental love, and the swing flies to the Tosca pole .. And there, and back, and there, and back, ..

Plus, the alcohol, which seems to give pain relief, but probably (no information) - gives an increased sense of guilt and other things that the swing does not interfere. Rather, they are even more swinging ..

And so she writes to me that in general she quietly drinks herself and drinks from the age of 12, and even went to the AA group, but she quit because there it is depressing (I can imagine) What can a person do in this situation?

Work on yourself. Stop swinging the swing. Therefore, work on the right task, go in the right direction.

Psychotherapy from another country with a stretch is generally possible, the very toxic parents are constantly in touch with her, Skype and letters, and constantly drag her into the familiar hostile even more when you just want to drink and hide in this state .. where to get the resource

The resource is ...

But the direction of action, sorry, so far - "I want to become a little good girl you love!", So it turns out?

For separation, for survival. What is it possible at all?

Setting a goal to "survive" is also not very. No more than a "tactical" goal.

Strategically, such a goal - certainly must be replaced by another. Otherwise, the present despondency is not in the AA group, but in its soul.

"I feel beautiful and relaxed only under alcohol", "I finally realized that I hate myself!" We are talking to her and I feel her injury so clearly, but what can you do here? At all? Something you can help .. advise something?

Work in the right direction. Change the jam in the first stage - to move to the next, and beyond.

She clearly sneaks on the way to the conscious and separation, through the crisis, through the darkest places .. through the feeling that everything is hopeless and the parents cannot be changed (I think this fact will have to be burned off - but how would you not go to the bottom in this place?) to change alcohol from 12 years as a solution ... but to a person in a foreign country, alone .. is this really possible .. and how is it possible to help?

There is such a way. "When everyone died, I finally became free!" ... but this is not the only way.

She already knows that her parents ... are not angels, right? Yes, it can be even more ... "blacken" their image, with a guarantee of "spitting out" at last, and separating.

Only in practice it turns into ... endless "everything !! I am leaving for my mom! Right now I collect things !!".

Or .. more precisely .. what can help a person to cope in general in such a situation? I draw attention to the fact that the fine line between what is felt from the inside as hopelessness of the situation and the fact that it is through this sensation that a breakthrough and that very separation can come ..

"Exit through the crisis" .. although how many people in this place break forever .. it is terrible to touch someone else's life .. but in general, such questions revolve in my head ..