They have any means. Even a vitamin. But the one who agrees to eat antibiotics in handfuls is worried about the intended effect on the liver ... But it has been stated that Zoloft is “utilized” in the liver. That is, if the liver fails (there is already hepatitis or something else, before appointments!) - it will deteriorate worse and its concentration will increase. As it is necessary to consider the attending physician.
The liver of any man of the day utilizes a lot of different very toxic substances, this is her usual work. Zoloft healthy liver swallow without choking.


It affects, though not through hormones. Activates, by the way. Because with depression - sexuality is suppressed and if it manifests itself - it manifests itself painfully. Not giving those pleasures as normal. But while Zoloft has not turned on yet - the restoration is not complete! Or the desire is already there, and the realization, the ability to experience joy — is not yet there — and there is a cry. "Zoloft killed sexy!".

In fact - he is trying to save her. The one who pulled the knife out of the wounded man’s chest is not necessarily the killer.

We'll do it ourselves

In this case, Zoloft and other means are seen as a concession to the weakness of the spirit, and it is easier to get along with habitual alcohol and smoking. But - even with long-term use, Zoloft is less harmful than adequate (“muffling”) doses of alcohol. Including for the liver. And he - heals, and not "helps to endure."

Weaklings! When you do not want to live, it does not necessarily mean you do not want to die. If I started taking antidepressants at that time - oh-her!

True, I changed the city, work, dispersed friends. She lived on a side job. She ate tobacco on the day (a lot, once she caught an overdose, smoked a pipe, about 8 pieces per night, somehow she stitched the bill and opa), bread, rice and green tea. Beer Sometimes canned fish. Everything.

And on your own, it’s better to just slazit on the rampage: go to the mountains, go with a stop with a stranger, and so on.

Here you can see the manifestation of depression - dispersed friends .. Is this the right choice? Discarding Zoloft and friends is a manifestation of the disease, not a cure. The girl did not see this.

So - when a new wave of depression comes - it will repeat the old mistake. Maybe see my post and reconsider the views, of course.

Zoloft and its effect

In quite rare cases (in my patients one of a few dozen people, perhaps), the libido really decreases. By the way - in other cases it rises, I remind you!

But! It decreases "on Zoloft" precisely temporarily, for the duration of the course of treatment! To put it bluntly - when a fisherman or a hunter gets out of a real swamp, he also gets a guarantee, hm, a decrease in libido. That is - thoughts of a different, completely different! And no one is offended!

Everyone understands - first A, then B. First you get out of the swamp, and then enjoy the saved life and comfort. So here.

Yes, getting out of depression can take a month, and two, and three, and more. Anything can happen. And the severity of depression is different, and people are all different, right?

Yes, you can try to search if it is already violated - a replacement for the drug, but most people - should not be worried, there will not be a negative impact on the libido.