Kinesthetic memory in boys

The ordinate axis is the evaluation of kinesthetic memory in arbitrary units. If we take grades in such disciplines as Russian, environmental studies and labor as grouping variables, then groups of boys with different performance in these subjects will have different average Td # values. And in this case, a lower SCP in the right temporal region is associated with higher academic performance.

The values ​​of Td #, as well as some other indicators correlate with student productivity. The lower the Td # and the higher the C #, the better the characteristics of accuracy and attention . Correlation coefficients of action accuracy and attention with the characteristics of SCP

С-Td – difference of SCP between the central and right temporal lead; C #, Td # are local SCPs in the central and right temporal region.

Thus, a significant factor affecting academic performance, as well as memory and some other psychophysiological indicators is the relative intensity of energy metabolism in the right hemisphere, taken either in relation to the similar indicator in the left hemisphere (as in girls), or in relation to the average for brain size (like boys). Generally speaking, the higher this indicator, the lower the characteristics of performance, memory, and the worse the psycho-physiological indicators. It was also found that in adolescents the predominance of SCP in the right hemisphere is associated with a higher level of anxiety. Since the neurophysiological maturation of children is accompanied by the formation of the characteristic for adults left hemispheric dominance, it can be thought that lower performance, lower memory and attention, correlated with the prevalence of energy metabolism in the right hemisphere, are associated with insufficient neurophysiological maturation. At this age, according to the SCP, the brain of girls is characterized by a greater maturity of interhemispheric relationships than among boys, and they are distinguished by higher performance.

Another possible explanation for the patterns found is the greater involvement of the right hemisphere in the regulation of vegetative functions. One may think, therefore, that a higher exchange in the right hemisphere reflects a certain degree of tension in the vegetative regulation. At the same time, the activity of the dominant (left) hemisphere is depressed to one degree or another, which affects the performance indicators and some psycho-physiological characteristics.

Another factor that affects performance is also the overall level of cerebral energy metabolism, which has its own optimum. SCP values ​​below optimum indicate insufficient activity of brain formations, possibly due to their insufficient maturity or insufficient blood supply, and values ​​above optimum probably indicate the presence of weak or moderate stress.

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