Average grades in mathematics with averaged brain UBP

On the ordinate axis – assessment of performance.

In boys, in principle, a similar relationship was observed between the characteristics of SCP and psychological and pedagogical indicators, only the values ​​of the local potential in the right temporal region (Td #) acted as the leading factor. Recall that the local potential is the potential difference in any lead as compared to the average SCP.

When boys were divided into three groups – Td # <- 1mV, Td # = 0 + 1mV, Td #> 1mV – it was found that the processes of energy metabolism, reflected in Td #, are a factor influencing the kinesthetic memory. The kinesthetic was the higher, the lower the SCP in the right temporal lead . This factor is also associated with the body weight of boys, which is one of the indicators of age development, with the smallest mass found in boys with the highest values ​​of local potential in the right temporal region. Recall that high SCP values ​​in the right hemisphere are typical for children of younger and middle pre-school age, therefore, boys with high local SCP in the right temporal region may be lagging behind in their neurophysiological development.

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