Organization of ventilation in operating units

Operating room air can be polluted not only by anthropoxins and microorganisms, but also by vapors of a mixture of narcotic anesthetics with oxygen, some of which are easily flammable under certain conditions (ether, cyclopropane, chlorethyl, etc.). Therefore, operating rooms are necessarily equipped with an autonomous system of supply and exhaust ventilation, which excludes the possibility of air masses coming from wards and other rooms; To do this, between the operating unit and the above-mentioned premises, gateways with air pressure are arranged. The movement of air flows should be provided from operating rooms to adjacent premises (preoperative, anesthetic, etc.), and from these premises into the corridor.

In the corridors leading to the operating units, an exhaust ventilation device is required. The air supplied to the operating rooms must be conditioned (two-stage cleaning, the creation of certain temperature parameters – 20–22 ̊С), relative humidity (50–55%) and speed of movement – up to 0.15 m / with.

When air conditioning, the minimum air exchange rate in operating rooms should be + 10-8, that is, the inflow should prevail by at least 20% over the exhaust. Supply air openings are located under the ceiling near one operating room wall, and exhaust openings are located at the opposite wall at the level of 40-60 cm from the floor and at the ceiling .

The ventilation scheme is much more effective, in which air is supplied to the operating room over a large area through a perforated ceiling panel (area 3×3 m ), and removed through exhaust openings located on the floor and under the ceiling near one of the walls .

The amount of air removed from the lower zone of the operating room should be 60%, from the upper zone – 40%. Ventilation systems should be isolated (isolated for clean and purulent operating rooms). Air conditioning is mandatory for all rooms with the “OCH” mode. In septic 62 operating rooms, the inflow and exhaust should be the same.

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