In healthy men of mature age, the massage of symmetrical acupuncture zones (according to AA Umanskaya) also changed the distribution of interhemispheric potential difference in about 30% of cases. At the same time, the hemispheric difference did not significantly change. After the massage, the number of subjects with a negative difference of UPP increased. A significant negative correlation was also found between the initial level of interhemispheric potential difference and its change after acupressure ( r = –0.42; p <0.05).

Thus, depending on the type of exposure and the initial state human dynamics of hemispheric relationships can vary significantly. The load associated with the predominant involvement in the left hemisphere (reading, motor activity of the right hand) leads to an increase in energy metabolism in this hemisphere relative to the right, visual-spatial orientation causes the opposite dynamics of interhemispheric relations. Under non-mineralized loads, the change in the hemispheric difference between the SSDs depends on the force of the impact and the initial characteristics of the asymmetry. Weak effects cause a change in the sign of asymmetry in a small percentage of cases; as the intensity of the load increases, the percentage of changes in the sign of inter-hemispheric asymmetry increases. Under stress, the sign of interhemispheric potential difference, as a rule, changes. The initial state is one of the factorsdetermining the dynamics of indicators in the process of exposure, as evidenced by the negative correlation between the initial difference of the SCP and its changes under load. Animal studies have shown that the direction of the SCP shift under the influence of various causes it is determined largely by the fact whether the inter-hemispheric difference of the SCP exceeds or not the arithmetic average value. In the first case, there is a decrease in SCP, in the second – an increase. The variance of the soft starter values ​​after the load is reduced . This is also observed in humans, in particular, after non-integrated intensive loading, the value of the dispersion of the hemispheric difference SCP is less than before.

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