Phlegmon treatment

Phlegmon treatment is carried out in a surgical hospital. At the beginning of the disease, with tissue infiltration, conservative methods can be used: limb immobilization, biogalvanization, electrophoresis of drugs, vibroacoustic therapy against the background of intravenous administration of broad-spectrum antibiotics and detoxifying drugs, immunostimulating therapy. If they are ineffective for 6-12 hours (depending on the rate of manifestation of clinical symptoms), surgery should be performed. The operation is performed under general anesthesia. In its process, the focus of inflammation is revealed with a wide incision (the possible subfascial location of the pathological process is necessarily taken into account; a fasciotomy is performed in this case), pus and necrotic tissue are removed, pockets, septa, and swim- ups are eliminated with a blunt method (you should remember about the danger of bleeding!), conditions for adequate drainage using the necessary number of contrapertures. The number of cuts depends on the vastness of phlegmon. In the postoperative period, active general anti-inflammatory, detoxification and immunostimulating therapy, correction of the state of the autonomic nervous system, and local treatment of purulent wounds according to generally accepted methods are performed.

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