Organization of air exchange in infectious departments

In infectious departments, including tuberculosis, artificial supply and exhaust ventilation should be provided with an air exchange rate of ± 2.5, i.e., the same in terms of inflow and exhaust. Clean air is supplied to the corridor, and removal is through individual channels from each box and semi-box, which are equipped with air disinfection devices .

In the absence of artificial ventilation in the boxes and half-boxes, natural exhaust ventilation with a multiplicity of 2.5 should be organized; at the same time, the above premises are equipped with recirculation air disinfection devices, which ensure the efficiency of inactivation of microorganisms and viruses at least 95%.

In the chambers of the sections of the infectious department, the air exchange is normalized by the ventilation volume per bed and should be at least 80 m / hour.

local_offerevent_note August 11, 2019

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