Indicators of mental activity

Indicators of mental activity and a shift in the situation in the past among the subjects of senile age with different averaged SCD.

Mental activity deteriorated at high values ​​of averaged SCD (more than 12 mV), i.e. in cases of a relative decrease in cerebral pH, which may reflect subclinical brain hypoxia.

Shift of the situation into the past most rarely occurred in women with an average SCP in the range from 0 to 12 mV. Thus, there is a certain optimum of the averaged SCP, in which the shift of the situation into the past is observed most rarely, while maintaining high mental activity and the best short-term memory.

People with depressive and normal affect differed in the magnitude of the local potential in the frontal and occipital regions, with higher values ​​of local SCP corresponding to the depressive affect. The frontal cortex is involved in the regulation of emotional processes, and the latent insufficiency of energy supply in this area, obviously, can lead to impaired affect. Local SCP in the occipital region to a certain extent reflects changes in energy metabolism in stem structures, which are also involved in the regulation of emotions .

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