Composition of the hospital project

Sanitary and hygienic examination of building designs is carried out in the form of preventive sanitary supervision. The project includes the following text and graphic materials.

The explanatory note contains information on the purpose and location of the projected object: a sanitary description of the construction site and the adjacent territory is given, a description of the individual elements of the building is given from the point of view of justifying the designed sizes and volumes of the premises, sanitary equipment, compliance with climatic conditions, etc.

The situational plan characterizes the relationship of the construction site and the projected building (a complex of buildings) to the settlement or its separate district in terms of the correspondence of the planned development to the planning of the settlement (district) and the presence of objects that may be adverse effects on public health (industrial enterprises, landfills, cemeteries, bogging, etc.).

The general plan of the construction site gives an idea of ​​its size and configuration, breakdown into driveways, paths, functional zoning, the degree of greening and density of buildings, the orientation of buildings to the cardinal points, their connection with neighboring streets, and sanitary improvement of the territory, about the location and number of entrances, etc.

Floor plans show the set and sizes of individual rooms, their relative positions, lighting and ventilation conditions, arrangement of entrances, placement of auxiliary rooms and bathrooms, as well as the schedule of the main processes that will take place in the designed building.

Outline plans of the facade and section of the building – they determine the appearance, number of floors, the height of the premises, windows, doors, etc.

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