Characteristics of SGP

CConsider the characteristics of the SGP obtained in our studies in the above three groups of subjects. SCP and SGP were recorded in 28 healthy male right-handers (mean age 34.3 + 1.3 years). In this sample, a statistically significant excess of SCP was found in the left temporal region compared to the right one by 2.7 + 1.1 mV. However, in individual subjects, the sign of the hemispheric difference UCP was opposite. After dividing the subjects into three groups, depending on the prevalence or equality of SCP in the symmetric temporal areas, dispersive analysis was conducted to identify differences in these groups in amplitude and temporal parameters of the VEP .

Differences in the amplitude and time characteristics of the SGP are found. The smallest latent period and amplitude of the N2 component were recorded in the group of subjects with an approximate equality of SCP in both hemispheres. The largest latent period of this component was observed in the group of subjects with a predominance of SCP in the left hemisphere, and the largest amplitude in the group of subjects with a predominance of SCP – in the right. The amplitudes of the P3 components in both hemispheres were the largest in the group with a predominance of SCP in the right hemisphere.

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